Tuesday, February 14, 2006

the gorilla vs. bear controversy.

chris is one of my favorite bloggers. i heard about the controversy surrounding him today. i read something about him taking a post down over the weekend, but had no clue what he was talking about. i discussed the thing with bethanne about it, and i just want to put in my two cents about this:

in the post in question, chris' points are extremely valid. although he could have been wrong about the kid actually being a label trying to pose as a kid who genuinely likes whatever bands the blog posted, the final point does strike me as a perfectly fine reason to not like a blog. music blogs are basically based around music journalism. i understand that a lot of bloggers aren't particularly the best writers [i'm not going to throw myself into the fire; i think i have great writing skills. haha.], but if your blog has absoultely cringe-worthy quotes like the ones chris used as examples, you deserve to get called out for it. i'm sorry if this offends people.

secondly, i think if you stand strongly against something, you should be able to push political-correctness to the side and speak your mind on it. chris said it himself, he wouldn't have done it if he knew this was some kid [with bad writing skills-- my words, not his-- haha.] posting about bands that he genuinely liked. i think chris made a knee-jerk reaction, and right or wrong, he's entitled to it.

it's EXACTLY when i made my infamous "are cocorosie racists" post. i heard a white girl with a pretty voice use the n-word, and went overboard. i now recognize the conceptual merit of the piece, but i was raised in a family where you did NOT say that word, and you were NOT allowed to associate yourself with anyone who said that word. and you would have gotten your ass beat if you were hanging out with someone who uses that word. i still think it's wrong for that word to even be used [and i even cringe when black people say it sometimes], but i realize that the young ladies in cocorosie weren't intentionally spreading hate in their song "jesus loves me," they made a moderately-creative song using the "jesus is a pretty nice white guy [i.e. jesus loves republicans]" mentality [the quote is courtesy of john darnielle, i had an e-mail conversation with him about it]. i used my knee-jerk reaction, and was wrong. the same thing happened with chris. somehow, this unnamed blog pushed a red button, and chris reacted. there is nothing wrong with that.

the fact that people were outraged that chris called out another blogger is absolutely comical in my opinion. i don't care how successful you are: EVERYONE is allowed to have an opinion.

and i wish i would have found this blog first. not because i could call him out for possibly being a record label posing as a kid who likes bands, but because the writer in question can't write his way out of a paper bag. writers who can't write are not tolerated in my household.

let the games begin. where's the backlash?


Blogger Yohan said...

I agree completely. If we allow comments from anyone, we should expect hatemail! In any case, just because we're bloggers doesn't mean we're all friends, living in some king of commune. I'm sure the chap that got lambasted was secretly pleased to have sparked such ire.

If he exists!

10:50 PM  
Blogger Haldan said...

word to what yohan said, you know dude was super excited.

12:45 PM  

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