Tuesday, November 22, 2005

game gets dropped!


douglas: so, dr. dre is rumored to have dropped the game.
bethanne: haha. no way!
bethanne: that's because the game probably got hit on
douglas: angie martinez [a dj on the insanely popular hot 97 radio station in new york] is the one that said it on the radio.
bethanne: damn
bethanne: i'll be on watch for MTV's news and see if they bring it up. haha
douglas: haha; good idea.
bethanne: totally
douglas: damn. the game is having the worst year ever. i kinda feel sorry for him.
bethanne: dude, he tattooed a TEAR and a BUTTERFLY on his face
douglas: the tear is a gang-related symbol. the butterfly is unjustifyable, though.
bethanne: oh really?
bethanne: i didn't know that about the tear
douglas: yes. it really is.
douglas: i can name about four or five rappers who have them.
douglas: plus, i've seen gang members with them.
bethanne: okay, i can forgive the tear
bethanne: but the butterfly?
bethanne: i mean, shit, i have a butterfly too
bethanne: but i'm a girl
douglas: true.
bethanne: girls are allowed butterflies
bethanne: see, this is why i was rooting for karamo from real world philly in his knife fight with the game
douglas: hahahaha..
bethanne: at least he has balls to admit "yeah, i'm a thug and i like cock!"


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