Sunday, August 21, 2005

war on war: the great american ipod challenge..

so, i was checking out matt's blog (, and he posted an i-pod war between his friends (the other) matt and annie. i think (the other) matt won (in my opinion, the first two songs on [the other] matt's list are better than annie's whole list combined, but that's that's just my opinion). then, muzzle of bees ( got involved. therefore, i am posting my contribution to the great american i-pod war. i'm one of the four people on earth that still doesn't have an i-pod, so i used my winamp playlist. if you have a random playlist, and you would like to complete, post your ten random songs in my comments. in my opinion, this is a really strong list. good luck.

oh, one more thing: there's no possible way that you can have a better number seven than mine, unless you throw in an obvious classic.

#1: the walkmen- “wake up”
#2: kanye west- “touch the sky”
#3: math and physics club- “white and grey”
#4: yeah yeah yeahs- “mystery girl”
#5: rilo kiley- “frug”
#6: art brut- “emily kane”
#7: tv on the radio- “ambulance”
#8: common- “my way home”
#9: madvillain- “rainbows”
#10: idiot pilot- “to buy a gun”

tiebreaker: sufjan stevens- "he woke me up again (solo banjo)"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

absolutely amazing.

5:52 PM  
Anonymous uwmryan said...

That's a solid list. too close to call. Maybe we should do best out of three?

9:29 AM  
Blogger douglas.. said...

here's ryan's list for those that missed it:

Royksopp - 49%
Iron and Wine - Freedom Hangs Like Heaven
The National - Lit Up
Willie Nelson - Harder They Come
Uncle Tupelo - Still Be Around
Clor - Magic Touch
David Byrne - The Other Side of This Life
Radiohead - Pyramid Song
Lucero - Here At The Starlight
Thunderbirds Are Now! - Bodies Adjust

3:41 PM  
Anonymous alex said...

nothing beats the frug!

3:24 AM  

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