Sunday, November 27, 2005

mike jones gets punk'd!

Nothing's better than watching people like Mike Jones get punk'd. I've decided to live-blog this for you guys in all its' glory.

10:11 PM: "This rapper started his career by writing songs for strippers." Uh duh!
10:12 PM: The punk starts. All Mike Jones is doing is laughing and chilling with his buddies. In an Escalade.
10:13 PM: An angry driver complains that the Escalade is in his way.
10:13 PM: Mike Jones gets into a minor disagreement
10:14 PM: A kid slams his bike into the Escalade, flies over the hood, Mike Jones freaks out.
10:15 PM: Mike comes back to the scene, is questioned by police. "It's some suburban kids!" Cops argue with Mike and the angry driver
10:15 PM: "Man, that bullshit! He lyin!"
10:16 PM: Mike Jones admits that he doesn't drink. Suuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrreeeee.
10:16 PM: Angry driver gets arrested, Mike Jones still bitchin' about the incident.
10:17 PM: Ashton shows up: "Why'd you take off runnin'?"
10:17 PM: Mike Jones admits he got punk'd. Bethanne cries because this punk was lame. Besides seeing how much of a wuss Mike Jones really is.


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