Sunday, December 25, 2005

list season: the top 10 songs from bad (or largely mediocre) albums of 2005.

now, i'm more of an albums person. so, if an album sucks, i'm not really into it, needless to say. however, there are some really great songs buried beneath all kinds of bullshit, and this list is in tribute to that:

10. bright eyes- "gold mind gutted" [from digital ash in a digital urn]:
as it is common knowledge in the world of indie rock/pop/folk/whatever, conor oberst released two albums in 2005. the folk record, which is being called the best record of his career [i personally prefer lifted], is undoubtedly the better of the two. the electro/rock record was at best mediocre [and i bought it on a regrettable impulse buy-- can i trade it in for i'm wide awake, it's morning?]. however, this song is better than the rest of this entire album combined. and it's easily worth at least half of the $15 i wasted.

9. ..and you will know us by the trail of dead- "worlds apart" [from worlds apart]:

there's something about the jangly guitars and the drum sound that just make me wanna shout along. it could also be one of the most profanity-laced lead singles from anyone who is not a rapper, but i could be wrong.

8. weezer- "haunt you every day" [from make believe]:
lyrically, sonically, and emotionally, it's the best song weezer has written since "keep fishin".

7. kaiser chiefs- "i predict a riot" [from employment]:
it's a crying shame when your best song is your lead single. makes everyone disappointed when you put out the album.

6. nada surf- "what is your secret?" [from the weight is a gift]:
nice actress metaphor, good harmonies. most of the rest of the album wears off after three weeks, but this song stuck with me for a long, long time.

5. 50 cent- "in my hood" [from the massacre]:
top-notch beat. a 50 cent hook so good, you wonder why he didn't think of any other mindless gangsta rap this good.

4. gorillaz, featuring mf doom- "november has come" [from demon days]:
you know the only reason why i think this is a good song. but, damon albarn does a good job on the hook. it almost "moves the whole spot like some old ass and skunk meat."

3. coldplay- "what if" [from x&y]:
the chorus is as anthemic as anything on a rush of blood to the head. too bad the rest of the album [except for certain moments] was just undeniably boring.

2. little brother- "watch me" [from the minstrel show]:
at some points, the album drags out. a lot. this song is the highlight.

1. oasis- "the importance of being idle" [from don't believe the truth]:
on a largely forgettable album with like two or three of oasis's top-dollar songs, "..idle" has to be the best oasis song since "champagne supernova". favorite oasis songs of all time, in order of importance: "don't look back at anger", "champagne supernova", "wonderwall", "live forever", and "the importance of being idle". noel falsettos are what dreams are made of.


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