Tuesday, March 14, 2006

notes on two reality television shows.

flavor of love:

bethanne: so that said, hot question: what'd you think of the spitting incident?
douglas: i would risk having to leave the show and go out there and WHOOP PUMPKIN'S ASS!
douglas: spitting is a BIG no-no.
bethanne: absolutely!
bethanne: i would have kicked her ass too
bethanne: that's called being a sore loser and being rude about it. even though new york has an attitude problem, i wouldn't spit in her face
bethanne: i'd call her a bitch and walk away, but i would never spit
armchair novels: "sorry, flav, but spitting elicits an automatic ass-whoopin."
bethanne: hahahahahahahahaha!
bethanne: it was funny in the clip-filled recap episode when they showed the extra footage
douglas: i wouldn't have said anything. pumpkin had no right to say shit. so what if new york was talking shit? pumpkin is the one that was on like 8 reality shows.
douglas: i've even SEEN her on next and blind date.
bethanne: no shit.
bethanne: OH SHIT! she was on next?
bethanne: i think i might have seen her before on it
douglas: i looked at her, and was like, "that ugly white girl looks really familiar."
bethanne: hahahahaha!
bethanne: new york said it best that she needed a facelift

america's next top model:

douglas: did you watch top model? more importantly, did you see the racist chick?
bethanne: i couldn't fucking STAND the bitch
douglas: dude. she was cute though. i wish i could fuck some sense into her.
bethanne: hahahahahahaha!
bethanne: that's amazing
douglas: after one night with me, she'd be like, "i LOVE black guys!"
bethanne: HAHAHA!
bethanne: everyone would love you for doing that! haha
douglas: that's what i should do. make a reality show, where i fuck racist chicks and make them change their minds about other races.
douglas: well, she was more of a bigot, which is actually worse than racism, because she hates everyone.
bethanne: ahahahahahahahaha! genius!
bethanne: yeah, i did not like her attitude against everyone. it's not right
bethanne: that goes to show she's your typical closeted republican stiff
douglas: the armchair novelist: fucking sense into racist girls everywhere.
douglas: yeah. seriously.
bethanne: that's your new tagline! haha
douglas: HAHA.
douglas: i'm totally posting this. and the flavor of love conversation.
bethanne: you should


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