Thursday, June 29, 2006

dear people trying to submit music for this blog,

Don't email me from this blog and be like "We have music to submit for The Armchair Novelist!" because this blog DOES NOT post MP3s. Please direct all inquiries right here to the right blog!

But the answer will be "NO!" because you guys have your blogs mixed up.

Thanks. And by the way, we know this needs a good update. I just can't be assed (thanks to my regular gig) and Martin would do it but he has a life too. But hopefully soon, things will change.

However, let it be known this is NOT an MP3 blog. Okay? Cool.

Peace and Love,

(This was brought on to people who have been emailing me as of recent asking to submit music for this blog. Last I checked, I didn't start this blog....)


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