Tuesday, April 04, 2006

welcome back, chilly.

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so, most of you don't know that i had problems with a wireless router after moving my computer into my bedroom last weekend. that's why i've spent so much time without making a post. to mark my triumphant return to the internets, i've compiled a list of things that i was thinking over the past week and change.

fishscale is the best mainstream hip-hop album of not only this year, but possibly the best one since the blueprint.

my friend from work gave me a tullycraft cd, because his wife used to date the lead singer (who was bitter about her breaking up with him and marrying my friend, for some reason). i listened to it, and now, i'd like to beg him to take it back. i don't understand all the seattle hype for them. they're not THAT good.

i'm going to see tv on the radio, bitches.

yeah yeah yeahs are on the verge of breaking up, but their new album is a frequent listen for me.

lupe fiasco is one of the hottest rappers out right now.

i'm not a big fan of instrumental hip-hop cd's, but donuts is one of the best pieces of music i've heard in years.

first, i break my cellibacy of four years, and now morrissey's getting laid, too?

speaking of moz: ringleader of the tormentors is the best thing he's done since the smiths.

speaking of moz again: coachella offered to pay the smiths $5 million dollars to reunite? although that would be one of the most beloved reunions in history (take THAT, frank black francis), i understand why morrissey would "rather eat [his] own testicles than reform the smiths, and that's saying a lot for a vegetarian."

speaking of someone who was in the smiths other than moz: johnny marr is working with modest mouse? this has GOT to be a figment of issac brock's sense of humor.

interpol should sign with interscope. they have all the tools to become the last real rock band: the pricey suits, the narcissistic aura? they're the perfect group to counter the modesty of 50 cent.

largehearted boy still runs this blog shit.

bethanne's the only person in the world punk rock enough to wear a ladyfinger shirt on mtv. you'll see in a few months.

the rapture working with danger mouse sounds like a unlikely combination, but wait until fresh cherries from yakima has a big enough budget to be produced by madlib, bitches.

band of horses didn't reinvent the wheel: they just made a goodyear tire.

ghostface saved rap, now it's radiohead's turn to save rock and roll.


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