Wednesday, August 24, 2005

the world series of i-pod war: round three!

so, ryan ( and i have been duking it out in i-pod war, and needless to say, it really has been a war. it was close in round one, and i'll just say i won for the sake of creative license. round two, i thought i had the best list ever, and then his i-pod pulled out some classics (how do i fuck with "lust for life"?). so, here it is: the battle to end all battles. the third and final round of our i-pod war.

#1: sufjan stevens- "chicago (solo banjo)"
#2: nas- "don't body yourself (mc burial aka the 50 cent diss)"
#3: tv on the radio- "young liars"
#4: pixies- "hey"
#5: rilo kiley- "spectacular views"
#6: dangerdoom- "space hos"
#7: math and physics club- "graduation day"
#8: the thermals- "out of the old and thin"
#9: the decemberists- "i was meant for the stage"
#10: bloc party- "storm and stress (acoustic)"

tiebreaker: mf doom- "vomitspit"

ooh. it was a strong start, and then it ran out of gas. i think #10 was a nice little way to end it. ouch. i think i can only hope to tie, this time. anticlimactic. your serve, ryan.


Anonymous uwmryan said...

1. Sun Kil Moon - Last Tide
2. The Magic Numbers - This Love
3. Supergrass - Roxy
4. M Ward - Deep Dark Well
5. Brakes - Sometime Always
6. Thievery Corporation - Revolution Solution
7. Joseph Arthur - In The Night
8. Sufjan Stevens - Jacksonville
9. Quasimoto - Real Eyes
10. Camper Van Beethoven - Garden Grove

5:47 AM  
Blogger douglas.. said...

i can't call it. the only songs on your list that i even like are 8 and 9. we'll have to get someone else to judge.

6:37 PM  

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