Tuesday, December 27, 2005

list season: the top 5 proper nouns of 2005.

so, in the legendary season of lists, sometimes there are things that happen in music that aren't really done musically that are still fucking awesome, to say the very least. so, i'm stepping outside of the realm of sitting in front of my computer all day [or in some cases, not particularly] listening to music, and offering up my top five proper nouns of the year. things that i read, saw, or heard about. the important ones are all here:

5. colin meloy-
now, everyone who reads this blog knows that meloy is my favorite songwriter. but let me tell you something: this dude had the best year ever. another critically-heralded neo-classic album; not one, but two very successful american tours [during his stop in seattle, the day after the decemberists got their gear robbed, he played "red right ankle" on 12-string for the very first time. that's gotta count for something]; he and his band got all of their gear stolen, and decemberists fans [who are some of the most loyal fans you'll ever meet] donated to the cause, so they could buy new instruments; he wrote his own book [covering the replacements' let it be in the 33 1/3 book series]; provided one of the most talked-about moments of the year when his band and death cab shared the stage for a rousing cover of fleetwood mac's "go your own way"; signed with a major label; AND his longtime girlfriend is pregnant with his first child. noone could ask for a year better than that.

4. ok computer being number one on spin's "best albums of the past 20 years" list-
it's about time one of the greatest records of all time gets a little recognition. haha! that was a joke.

3. i-pod wars-
the most friendly way to argue the merit of your intense music snobbery. good thing there have been no casualties as of yet. however, my best-of-three series with ryan from muzzle of bees was very intense.

2. the cliff notes for "trapped in the closet, parts 1-5"-
highlight: the glossary.
y'all ass is crazy: your entire ass is crazy.

1. fat joe at the vma's-
"i just want everyone at home to know i feel real safe right now, thanks to the police protection provided by g-unit." undoubtedly, quote of the fucking year.


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