Thursday, February 15, 2007

everybody eventually moves into a new home.

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well, i'm sure that by now, you all are aware of my unannounced hiatus from the blogging world. i had to get the whole fresh cherries from yakima thing in order, and now that it is, i've kinda abandoned the armchair novelist without a proper announcement:

i've moved.

not only can you find demos, a running autobiography, and other various band-like things, but i keep my blog on the main page [where i brought back "list season," dissected the new bloc party album, and wrote the third installment of my "how to run a four-minute mile" series after the whole "blipster" controversy i was involved in]. since most people only know me for blogging anyway, i felt the need to keep my music and writing about music in the same place, so that people knew that i'm really not a "blogger-turned-musician," that was just blogging as something to pass the time between writing and recording.

so, the armchair novelist is dead. long live the armchair novelist.