Wednesday, December 07, 2005

list season: bands i'm not cool enough to find out about on my own.

the reason most normal people go to blogs is to find new music to listen to. i've discovered rarities and classic tracks from my favorite artists on a lot of my favorite blogs, but the biggest payoff comes when you take a chance and download a song from a band you've never heard of. bethanne over at clever titles are so last summer [see sidebar for link] is the most awesome person in the world when it comes to turning me on to bands in her local scene, which i probably never would have found on my own. so, here are my five favorite bands that i found about from reading other people's blogs.

5. doveman:
the perfect soundtrack for a comedown, or a lonely saturday night at a coffee shop, this band makes everything seem delicate and pristine. sometimes, that's really what a person needs.

4. jaymay:
the first time i heard "color confused", i sat motionless, hanging on to every word that permeated from this beautiful voice. "tragedy" proved that this young lady has a quirky side, too.

3. those transatlantics:
if it weren't for bethanne, i would not have known about one of the best pop groups i've heard in a long time. seriously. google these guys.

2. the arrogants:
i loved mazzy star. and so did you. not saying that this band is directly biting, but if mazzy star ever held a crown, the arrogants would inherit it.

1. clap your hands say yeah:
when i first heard about them on brooklyn vegan, i raised an eyebrow, and said, "what an awful name!" taking a chance, i downloaded "in this home on ice". it's one of the best songs i've heard all year. downloaded the album, and it's completely solid. a pleasant surprise.


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i'll do you one better: link up TT's website:

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