Saturday, December 03, 2005

list season: top five ep's of 2005.

extended-play singles are such teasers. either they're outtakes of a wonderful album, or they're meant to be a completely different thought from a full-length. but most of the time, they just build up more anticipation for the next full-length. sometimes, not. but this is the list, celebrating the top releases that are too long to be singles and too short to be full-length albums.

5. iron & wine with calexico- in the reins:
out of all the artists on this list, sam beam has, far and away, the best ep catalogue of any of them. this particular release sees him teaming up with southwestern stalwarts calexico to drastically change a few of his unreleased gems.
essential track: "16, maybe less".

4. the long winters- ultimatum:
for all of the people who enjoyed when i pretend to fall, myself included, that wondered what would happen if john roderick wrote the perfect song: the title track is your answer. the live tracks on this ep aren't really necessary, but welcome, just the same.
essential track: "ultimatum"

3. wolf parade- wolf parade:
pretty much a teaser for one of the best albums of 2005, i shouldn't have to tell you how good this shit is.
essential track: "you are a runner and i am my father's son"

2. okkervil river- black sheep boy appendix:
a great companion piece to one of the best albums [THE best?] of 2005, you'd expect these tracks to be throwaways. too bad you couldn't be any more wrong.
essential track: "another radio song"

1. iron & wine- woman king:
a concept ep in its own right, sam beam created the first great release of 2005 [yeah, it came out in like january, i think] with his tales of biblical heroines and anti-heroines. i heard "my lady's house" in starbucks, but please don't hold that against him.
essential track: "jezebel"


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