Friday, December 02, 2005

list season: bethanne has to chime in!

I have to give my list of guilty pleasures since Mr. Douglas already gave his. Since he gave five, I'll give five:

5. America's Next Top Model

I live for catfights. I live for bitchy remarks. And I lap it all up because like some people, I'm a sucker for this shit. I watch it twice a week on UPN and ALWAYS catch the reruns of past episodes on VH1. And yes kids, I miss Janice Dickinson on this show because she is my hero when it comes to "faking it until you make it" (though I have not lived the life she has, but she rules. Don't hate.)

4. My Chemical Romance - Helena

Yes. Like Douglas said, I make fun of Gerald Way and Co. every chance I get, but even I have to admit that this song is genius. It's goth-pop at its' finest and I never get sick of listening to it. Also, the video is pretty damn cool as well. I hate to make fun of it, but given that it's the only MCR song I like, I'll secretly smile when the video - or the song - plays.

3. Spice World

Yes, I love this movie. I own it on VHS. You got a problem?

2. Mike Jones

Again, I may make fun of Mike Jones, but I can't get Still Tippin' out of my head (and off my default ringtone) and Back Then has that roller rink charm with the samples and the cheesy lyrics about ho's and Mike Jones cell phone number? (It's true. Douglas and I need to get him on three-way calling. For reals.) But it's all good, no matter how much of a chicken Mike Jones is, he's an okay rapper and an alright producer. And I like his stuff.

1. 50 Cent - Get Rich Or Die Tryin' (album)

That's right. The debut album, not the shitty movie (and soundtrack) of the same name. There's some good gems on there, but I still cringe when 50 has to use hateful language and it just makes me want to wash his mouth out with soap and apologize to the people he hurts. So what's my favorite song on there? "Patiently Waiting" and of course, "Wanksta" and "In Da Club". If only his follow-up effort wasn't so focused with getting the ladies in a twist and was just straight up, ghetto.


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