Wednesday, December 14, 2005

list season: top six underrated bands of 2005.

i hate using the word "overrated", it just seems to come from bitter, jealous people who can't think of any slurs against really good bands. "underrated", however, is a completely fair word, used to give shine to those people who deserve recognition. ladies and gentlemen, the most underrated bands of 2005.

6. the national-
i know i said that they were ranked too high on the "best bands of 2005" list, but i actually hadn't heard alligator at the time. they're really good, and i don't hear enough about them.

5. chad vangaalen-
in the vast pool of singer/songwriters in independent music, infiniheart proved to be a quiet sleeper during its year of release in america. vangaalen is one of the most talented songwriters in the field right now, and i'll be dammed if you can give me a better song concept than falling asleep at the wheel ["1000 pound eyelids"].

4. graham coxon-
happiness in magazines was more liked by me than anything that blur has put out, especially "freaking out". yet, damon albarn still gets more press for his abysmal gorillaz follow-up. coxon can't even sell in america, and that's a goddamn shame.

3. ras kass-
he stole the show on the wu-tang meets the indie culture album ["the rape over: cheney chargin' $45 dollars for a case of soda.."], and yet, the bloggers still don't give him his well-earned props. ras is one of the illest rappers to EVER live. he's just too intellegent for his own good. at least i can appreciate that.

2. maximo park-
in the year of gang of four and bands-that-sound-like gang of four, this newcastle band was criminally underlooked in america. the only post-punk bands that have better songs are the futureheads, bloc party, and interpol. "apply some pressure", "grafitti", "wasteland" [from the help! a day in the life disc], and their AMAZING cover of "isolation" alone were better than most bands' entire albums.

1. final fantasy-
sometimes, i think americans wouldn't know a good singer/songwriter if one bit them in the fucking ass. no offense to sufjan, but owen pallett is one of the wittiest, musically-talented, original songwriters i've heard in years. and no offense to stephen merritt, but owen pallett is my favorite gay songwriter. from beginning to end, has a good home is one of the best albums i've heard this year, and it saddened me for it to not be included on TOO FUCKING MANY year-end lists. you americans disappoint me. disgraceful. note to all bloggers in 2006: MAKE OWEN PALLETT KING OF THE WORLD.


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