Friday, December 09, 2005

list season: top three senior citizens of 2005.

the following old people have gone above and beyond their contributions to society, making some of the best music that anyone has ever heard. their influence is omnipresent in all of our favorite bands, and they're still kicking! but, everyone knows the world would be a much better place if lennon was still alive.

3. paul mccartney:
he turns 64 next year, but you probably already knew that. macca released a new album of material [produced by none other than "the sixth member of radiohead", nigel godrich], played live 8 and stole the show, and still is getting dissed by yoko. sir mccartney made the list soley for writing my favorite song of all-time: "hey jude".

2. david byrne:
everyone loves the talking heads. they're considered the second-best american band of all-time [number one being the velvet underground]. people say this year's breakout band claps their hands and says yeah just like the 'heads. my all-time favorite band named their band after one of his songs. and he still has time to catch all the hot new acts. there's only one person in this world who stops david byrne from being indie rock's christopher walken, and that is.....

1. david bowie:
who else is good enough to sing with north america's most creative band.. on CBS? seu jorge paid tribute to him by playing his songs in portugese on the life aquatic. and he still has time to catch a clap your hands and say yeah show. david bowie is the coolest old person in the world right now.


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i will second bowie and byrne for reals.

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