Sunday, December 11, 2005

list season: top eight music videos of 2005.

everyone knows about the music video. ever since mtv capitalized on artists making videos for their songs [which could or couldn't have started with the beatles and the monkees], the music video is nothing more than a commercial for an album. however, there are some artists and directors who creatively push the envelope with their videos, or just make them hillarious. here's my homage to my favorite music videos of 2005:

8. missy elliot featuring ciara and fatman scoop- "lose control":
this is on the list because my nieces and nephews go CRAZY when this song comes on. they dance their little asses off, and it's the most hillarious thing ever. my nephew even has this little spin move on the ground that he does when fatman scoop goes, "hit the floor! hit the floor!"

7. my chemical romance- "i'm not okay (i promise)":
everyone likes "helena" a little more, but i think the whole "pretty goth choreography at a funeral scene" is a little overdone. i like the "let's jack rushmore" idea a lot better. especially when mikey way kicks the mascot while it's down.

6. ashlee simpson- "boyfriend":
everyone knows i love this song. the video is a clincher because pedro sanchez is in it.

5. rhymefest featuring kanye west- "brand new":
'fest and 'ye ride motorcycles and everything in this computer-generated romp. the song is one of the best hip-hop singles i've heard all year.

4. the white stripes- "the denial twist":
the conan cutout was the icing on the cake.

3. the white stripes- "my doorbell":
the black kid that does his little dance towards the end was a great moment in television. plus, i really like the wardrobe and the entire classic feel of the video.

2. r. kelly- "trapped in the closet (parts 1-5)":
i know i wasn't the only one that spent the entire half-hour hanging onto every dialogue exchange. cathy is way too cute to go gay on, though. come on, rufus.

1. kanye west- "gold digger":
the two and a half minutes pass by so fast. even faster when you're checking out all of the pin-up-esque women.


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