Saturday, December 10, 2005

list season: top ten quotes from bang bang rock and roll.

bang bang rock and roll is a fucking great record. eddie agros is one of the wittiest lyricists in music today. some people call him a mark e. smith rip-off, but i don't listen to the fall. i wasted an entire summer quoting this entire album verbatim. with that said, here are my favorite ten quotes from the album:

10. "when i get off the plane, the first thing i'm going to do is strip naked to the waist and ride my harley davidson up and down sunset strip. i may even get a tattoo." [from "moving to l.a."]

9. "haven't read the nme in so long, i don't know which genre we belong." [from "bad weekend"]

8. "stop buying your albums at the supermarket" [from "formed a band"]

7. "i've seen her naked. twice. I'VE SEEN HER NAKED! TWICE!" [from "good weekend"]

6. "we're gonna write a song as universal as 'happy birthday' to let everyone know that it's gonna be okay. we're gonna take that song, and play it eight weeks in a row on top of the pops." [from "formed a band"]

5. "leave the light on! leave the light on! leave the light on, for me." [from "rusted guns of milan"]

4. "i can't stand the sound of the velvet underground. i can't stand the sound, second time around. once is enough! ONCE IS ENOUGH!" [from "bang bang rock and roll"]

3. "he couldn't get bus passes this time. just scooters. very fast scooters." [from "18,000 lira"]

2. "no more songs about sex and drugs and rock and roll. it's booooring." [from "bang bang rock and roll."]

1. "and yes; this is my singing voice. it's not irony. it's not rock and roll. we're just talking... to the kids." [from "formed a band"]


Blogger Eric said...

Hilarious. Aside from the great lyrics, this band is so overrated.

2:42 PM  

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